It should never feel overwhelming.

Starting a healing journey is scary. I've got you.

  • Have you lost your motivation?

  • Feel overhwelmed all the time?

  • Exhausted but can't sleep

  • I have the answers you need.

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A place you will be seen, supported and heard

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This is a safe space to become aligned with yourself.

  • Stress and Gut health

    I've spent years learning and understanding the connection between better gut health and better mental health. They are interwined. I teach you how to make easy nutritional changes within simple to follow programs for you to make huge change.

  • Mindset Shift

    Real change can't happen with the same limiting beliefs. Understanding how to stop self-sabotaging, embrace a positive mindset and learn how to trust yourself again are the foundations to all the programs I develop. Nothing changes without learning how to change your mind.

  • Health is a balance

    In my programs and with my coaching, you will learn how to develop the right mindset and feel connected between your mental health and physical health . A total healthy lifestyle is a balance of everything. Mental, physical and emotional. To heal, you need to work on the mind and body together.

It's all about getting rid of what doesn't serve you.

  • Make positive mindset shifts and stop self-sabotage

  • Build your self-worth and self-esteem

  • Lose weight for good and feel in control

My client. Transformed!

Meet Alison

Finding My Joy!

Alison Babin

I've worked with Penny since mid 2020, and it's made a huge difference in my life. I started with her Renewal program that is featured in the Optimal Wellness Premium Membership, it helped my racing brain to slow down, and focus on the now. Now, I am able to stop and just breathe and not always focused on the next thing. As a result, I'm less stressed and anxious. I'm genuinely happy. The exercise and yoga programs Penny designed for me have really improved my flexibility and strength. I have continued with the Optimal Wellness Membership and have just started the next level program. I'm looking forward to seeing how my life changes moving forward! Thank you so much Penny for all of your caring and guidance, you have truly improved my life!

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Penny Hounsome

Over my career, I have coached countless clients successfully teaching them how to apply mindfulness practice, daily meditation, better nutrition and other stress management tools into their day-to-day living. Through my work/coaching, my clients develop the ability to sleep better, have more clarity, recover from their day-to-day symptoms and have more energy. And they’re able to focus this newfound energy on what matters most to them – family, career or activities they love. I'm excited you are here!


A place where you will feel seen, supported and heard

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